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Keyboard and Mouse Simulator in C sharp .NET

Lets design a robot program which can simulate mouse and keyboard events on your desktop. Simulator which can automate the keyboard and mouse functions for you, can do almost all possible tasks on your desktop which ranges from setting up a task in the Task Scheduler to booking a movie ticket for you. You can smartly use and customize this piece of code to perform hectic tasks which you have to perform repeatedly like checking email.

We shall start with basics of how to simulate keyboard and mouse using c sharp, .NET.  Creating Mouse Events1. Importing user32.dll from Win32 API
[DllImport("user32")] public static extern int SetCursorPos(int x, int y); [DllImport("user32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.StdCall)] public static extern void mouse_event(int dwFlags, int dx, int dy, int cButtons, int dwExtraInfo); private const int MOUSEEVENTF_MOVE = 0x0001; /* mouse move */ private const int MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN = 0x0002; /* left butt…
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How to Stop Android Apps Running in Background of Smartphone

IDENTIFYING POWER HUNGRY First of all, you have to identify which of apps are running behind the scene and how much of individual app causing the battery draining and using the memory. This can be done in every smartphone by just approaching Settings > About Phone and tapping the Build number until you are notified that Developer Options have been enabled, as Developer Options enable you to see the Process Stats. See the below picture how to reach Developer Options first.

There you'll see the option for Process Stats. The Process Stats will help you to dig out how much of an every app using the memory processor and how much it burdening on your phone’s battery.
From there, going to Settings > Battery and then tapping on the individual apps will let you know how much of an individual app is using your phone’s battery. See the following screenshot for further assistance.

Features of Proposed Android TV

More Android Content than Ever!

You’re sat down for a night in front of the box, chocolate bar and remote in hand, and you realise: there’s nothing on. Regardless of how many channels you might happen to have, sometimes, you just can’t find anything that suits your mood. But that’s where Android TV steps in. With Android’s TV feature, films, TV shows and games are all available on demand to buy or rent, along with all the free catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. With a simple flick of the remote, you can search through thousands of channels, movies and TV programmes that suit you and the family. Voice Powered Google Search Tired of losing your remote down the back of the sofa (or in the dog’s mouth)? With Android TV users can switch channels and search for programmes using just their voice! Voice controlled searches make it quick and easy to find even the most obscure film or show, whilst making even vague searches a simple task. Instead of trawling through lists of p…

Multitasking on Android: Which smartphone offers the best solution?

Samsung Samsung offers Multi-Window, which lets you see multiple apps running side by side on the screen. You’re typically limited to two, though Samsung’s 12.2-inch Pro tablets let you do as many as four. There’s a slider you can use to control how much screen space each app takes.
Multi-Window works with only selected apps, though. You can use Samsung’s Video or Google’s Play Movies & TV app as one of the selections, but not Hulu or Netflix. Even so, the choices have gotten better since Samsung first made this feature available in 2012.
As much as I like this concept, I’ve rarely used it on my two-year-old Galaxy S III. It takes me longer to figure out which apps are supported than to simply grab another device and get what I need there.
Owners of Samsung’s Note smartphones and tablets also get a second way to multitask. It’s called Pen Window and gets activated when you use the stylus that comes with the device. You simply use the pen to draw a box in the screen. The box floats…

How To Free Up Space On an Android Phone or Tablet

EXPAND It doesn't take long for a new Android phone or tablet to get cluttered up with rolls of pictures, redundant apps, unused widgets, cached files and the troublingly vague "Misc" data that seems to take up more and more internal storage with each passing week. Take a few minutes to blow the cobwebs out of your device's cupboards and get your streamlined, lean gadget back. Erase temporary data Your phone or tablet hangs on to all kinds of cached data for easy access. Some of it's very useful, some of it less so. Employ the services of a smart housekeeping tool such as CCleaner(free) or AVG Cleaner (free) to work out which of these digital boxes of bytes you can safely toss out into the garbage. We've picked those two apps because of their established reputations as desktop utilities, but there are plenty of alternatives around. EXPAND Both programs will run a thorough scan of your device's file system, searching for data that's trying hard to look bu…