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Best Android Apps to Improve Battery Life 2014

Greenify *ROOT:

Greenify is currently one of the most popular tools on Android community forums, as it is highly intuitive and you can easily use it to block and restrict applications that are waking up your device when it shouldn’t. This tool is able to detect and control applications that are starting out of the blue and constantly looking to update info and drain battery. Use Greenify to block such programs and, from then on you will be able to launch those types of apps only when you access them.
In order to use Greenify, your Android device has to be rooted. Non-rooted devices aren’t supported and you cannot use it.
The main features of this tool are as following: it blocks all the background functionality of the apps you set to blocked status, it will allow the application to run only when you access it, blocks persistent background services, broadcast receivers such as SMS and network state changes, alarms, widget updates and push messages. However, it is not recommended to block Alarm Clocks nor Instant Messages applications, as these won’t work when greenified.
Also, you shouldn’t worry about this app being a Task Killer, as it doesn’t require that much battery power in order to block a tool from running. it uses only 3MB RAM memory, while the CPU and battery power consumption are scoring even lower values.
Greenify *ROOT app is free to download and use from Google Play Store here. It is a very small applications and it should work with any Android smartphone and tablet.
If you like how this app works, then you can even choose to buy the Donation Version of the app – Play Store link here.

This is a small tool designed by Fay Group, an Android app that can be used to optimize your device’s performance and battery life.
The changes made by this application aren’t that big, but it will give a small boost that should be noticeable in the long run. You can use it to save energy and prolong battery life without making the device run slower, as you will not see any display brightness being reduced, CPU power will stay the same as well as WiFi connectivity. Other great thing about this app is that you can use it with any different battery saving tools, as all of these tools are using different methods to improve your smartphone.
This is a free to use application, but it will add a search icon to your home screen, search shortcut added to browse home page and bookmarks screen. However, if you don’t want them displayed on your home screen, then you can easily drag and drop them to trash. This is a great tool and it works with both smartphones and tablets running Android 3.0 and later versions.
Max Battery Booster measures only 1.2 MB and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store here. It holds a 4.7 rating and it is has only been released recently. If you don’t trust the developers then you can choose to wait until there will be some other new reviews posted before installing it.

Battery Drain Analyzer Monitor:

An analyzing app that features tons of tools for you to use in order to gain better control over the installed applications.
Battery Drain Analyzer Monitor has been designed by Sun Light and it allows you to check battery status in notification bar, battery status displayed by various widget layouts, battery level changes, battery life statistics for the previous 30 days, three different battery profiles, extra buttons that you can use to enable various functions and not ads.
This app allows you to choose from 3 profiles that you can set to automatically start or, you can choose to enable them manually: Day, Night and Save. The 5 buttons or toggles allows you to easily enable and disable Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Sync and another Settings button. Make sure to use the widgets in order to gain quicker access to some of this program’s features.
If you opt to upgrade to Premium features, then the Battery Drain Analyzer Monitor tool will start displaying info about which apps are draining your battery the most in the last 30 days. Also, you will be able to view this type of data on a daily basis, as the app is capable of analyzing each program and service individually for a better battery life management.
This is a great tool that will work with any Android device running on Android 2.2 and later versions. It if free to use but you will be able to get access only to basic features. However, you can upgrade to Premium version and gain access to some extra tools for better analysis. It measures only 2.9MB which means that you can install it even if you’re currently using the mobile data connection.
With a Play Store review rating set to 4.3, then you should be able to get your head around it and test its functions.
Download and install Battery Drain Analyzer Monitor from Google Play Store link here.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver):

One of the most popular app in its category, as it packs tons of great features and functions that should help you better learn how your phone’s battery life is damaged by power-hungry Android applications.
This application is not a personal favorite, because it still incorporates a Task Killing tool, but it still does its work and it can offer you an overall look over the applications that are currently draining your phone’s battery the fastest. It is capable of accurately showing you the estimated time remained before your battery will be completely drained, it uses 3 different charging cycles to improve the battery performance, tweaks some parts of your OS so that your device will runs faster as a result.
A great feature included in Battery Doctor is the one that tells you how much battery power you gain if you disable WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and other similar functions. This is called the Smart Saver and it uses a simple function to disable unnecessary applications and hardware that are currently using more power power than they need to.
Battery Doctor will extend your device’s battery life and save power, it will help your device get full charging sessions to prevent overcharging / undercharging. However, this thing doesn’t happen anymore to newer devices but, in case you’re currently using an older device, then this app should help you prolong its battery life.
The Saving Mode or power-saving tool will disable all the unimportant smartphone features and it will only allow you to send / receive SMS and make phone calls. This means that the mobile data, wifi, GPS and other similar functions will be disabled in the process. Disable the Save Mode in order to restore full functionality for your device.
The Play Store review rating is set to 4.6 from almost 20,000 voters. It measures 3.5 MB and you can download and install it on any Android device running Android 2.1 and other new versions of the OS.
Download the Battery Doctor app from Google Play Store link here.

Wakelock Detector – Save Battery:

A wakelock is usually describing an application that doesn’t close completely and it continues to wake up your device by requesting info and other data from it, which means that the battery life is considerably shortened. That’s is why you should now use the WakeLock Detector and see which applications are currently draining the most out your phone’s battery.
Wakelock Detector is capable of analyzing all the applications currently installed on your Android device, it gives extended details about all those that are continuously forcing your device to stay awake. Also, ‘wakelock’ is used to describe a power management service build into Android OS that can be used by any installed apps to keep the CPU running forcing your phone’s screen to power on and off. Usually, applications that takes advantage of ‘wakelock’ are the ones who are constantly updating info from social media programs, widgets, weather apps, alarms etc.
The main features of this app are as following: it displays CPU wakelocks and Screen wakelocks, grabs wakelocks info used by a single app so that you’ll get an idea of which the bad applications, uses the Green color to display currently active apps, sorting options, displays wakeup triggers and others.
Install the application, then you will have to charge your device until the battery power levels are over 90%, unplug the the charging cable. Then wait several hours for the application to gather data about your phone and then run it. Use the data shown by Wakelock Detector to determine what you should do in order to improve the battery life. Choose to uninstall apps or block them.
The app uses only 1MB storage space and you can download it using the mobile data connection. Also, you can use it with any Android device that’s running Android 2.1 and later versions.
Wakelock Detector has a 4.8 Play Store rating from over 1,400 reviews, which makes it one of the best in its category. It has been created by UzumApps and you can download and install it using this Google Play Store link here.

Snapdragon Battery Guru:

This is a tool that is especially designed to improve the battery life of the Snapdragon mobile processors. It is destined to be used only by these phones and it should be a great alternative to any other 3rd party battery saving applications that are currently featured on Google Play Store.
Download and install the application, then wait for it to analyze your smartphone and learn how it works. After the Snapdragon Battery Guru finishes getting all data, it will start to optimize phone so that you will get the best out of it. After 4 days, this application will complete the learning part and then it will start to extend the battery life, it will work in the background and it won’t bother you from now on.
This application supports numerous Snapdragon devices with Android OS and multiple others will be added soon. Obviously, the new devices added will still need to be Snapdragon powered. A little known fact about this application is that it will work exclusively with devices that are running Android 4.0 and later versions, which means that you won’t be able to install it on previous versions.
It measures 5.3MB in size and it has been installed on almost 1 million devices worldwide. You can download and use it for free.
Snapdragon Battery Gutu has been created by Xiam Technologies Limited, a Qualcomm company, the same one that has created the Snapdragon CPUs.
Download and install this application from Google Play Store – link here.
If you think that this list should have featured some other similar applications you consider to be better, then you should tell us in comments. We will try to keep upgrading this post, so that all the best Android applications that you can use to improve the battery life of your device will be listed here. Also, tell us in comments which is your favorite tool to use in order to improve your device’s performance.
Some other tips and tricks you can use to enhance battery life: dim the brightness of your phone’s display, disable GPS, use fewer widgets, run only applications that you trust that aren’t hiding any partial / full wakelocks, etc.


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