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Best Tablets 2014

Best Tablet Overall: Apple iPad

The fourth-generation iPad has two things the competition can't match: a class-leading Retina Display and more than 300,000 apps. While other slates have high-resolution screens, the iPad's panel offers the best mix of brightness, color and contrast. The powerful A6X processor is ready to run the best apps around, from console-quality games and photo- and video-editing tools to robust office suites. A wide range of accessories just sweetens the deal.
Starting Price: $499

Best 7-Inch Tablet: Apple iPad mini

One of the thinnest and most portable tablets on the market is also one of the longest-lasting. The aluminum iPad mini measures just 0.3 inches thin and weighs 10.9 ounces, less than the Nexus 7 (12 ounces) and Kindle Fire HD (13.9 ounces). More impressive is the mini's staying power; it lasted an epic 10.5 hours on our battery test, which blows away other small slates. Add in lots of quality apps and you have a winner.
Starting Price: $329

Best Android Tablet: Google Nexus 10

The Google Nexus 10 delivers pure Android Jelly Bean goodness along with a sharper screen than the iPad (2560 x 1600 pixels) for $100 less. The multiuser support makes it easy to share this slate among family members, and they'll all love the loud and accurate front-facing speakers. A gesture typing keyboard, a high-quality 5-MP camera and more than 8 hours of battery life round out the features on this top-notch Android tablet.
Starting Price: $499

Best Tablet for Entertainment: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

When it comes to content, no one tops Amazon, especially if you're looking for free stuff to watch and read. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD offers Amazon Prime members ($79 per year) a host of compelling movies, TV shows and books for free. We also love the loud and crisp stereo speakers and super-bright display on this tablet, as well as the 7.5 hours of battery life. While not as large as Google Play, the Amazon Appstore offers tons of compelling games and apps. Parents will appreciate the FreeTime feature for setting usage limits.
Starting Price: $199

Best Tablet for College: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Whether you're looking to be more productive or control your TV, the Galaxy Note 8 has it all. A built-in S Pen gives users of this 8-inch tablet the ability to take notes in class, as well as hover over email and other content for instant previews. Meanwhile, a built-in IR blaster and Samsung's WatchOn software enables couch potatoes to find good stuff to watch and change the channel with a tap.
Starting Price: $399

Best Cheap Tablet: Hisense Sero 7 Pro

How much tablet can you get for $150? A lot more than you might think. Available at Walmart, the Hisense Sero 7 Pro packs the performance of the Google Nexus 7 for $50 less. We're talking a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, a sharp 1280 x 800-pixel screen and both front and back cameras. Plus, there's a miniHDMI port and microSD Card slot for expanding the 8GB of onboard memory.
Starting Price: $150

Best Tablet for Kids: Fuhu Nabi 2

A tablet tailor-made for children, the Fuhu Nabi 2 offers a drop-safe bumper and the most robust parental controls on the market. You can set up profiles for kids, and limit the apps and content they can access. More importantly, the Nabi 2 offers easy access to education apps for grades K-5 and a wide selection of kid-friendly videos. A fast Tegra 3 processor and more than 8 hours of battery life solidify this slate as a smart choice.
Starting Price: $199

Best Water-Resistant Tablet: Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The thinnest and lightest Android tablet yet, the Xperia Tablet Z sports one of the sleekest designs Sony has ever created. Just as impressive, you can splash or even submerge the Tablet Z and it will keep on going. Other highlights include a built-in TV remote and one of the richest full HD displays we've seen. Strong battery life and snappy performance make the Xperia Tablet Z one of the best premium tablets available.
Starting Price: $499


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