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Four myths about the Android market:  ***************************************************************

1) Galaxy S 4, apps ,  sales , hardware   

How well do you know the Android platform ? If you use an Android based  smartphone or tablet, you  might think you know plenty – but  some of the most  commonly held  perceptions about the platform are  based in myth. Many Android  users  believe that their devices are cheaper  than competitors like the iPhone .  Most  users point to “choice ” and  “variety ” as the reasons they believe  the Android  platform has become so  popular . Many believe that an  Android product like the  upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 provides a fundamentally different experience than , say, the Android based Motorola Nexus. And the one thing  Android users all seem to be  sure of  is that one of the Android phones on  the market must certainly be the  world ’  s best selling smartphone . As it  turns out, none of the above are quite  correct . So  here ’ s an Android 101  primer about the mobile platform that  so many users have  opted to call  home , including the five most popular  myths about it. 


2) Android pricing   

 Common perception is that the iPhone is the expensive smartphone  for high end  Users, and Android is the  more budget oriented value play .  While it’s understandable that some consumers have assumed this based  on the fact that Apple ’ s Mac  computers are in fact more expensive than Windows PC, that kind of pricing  doesn ’ t carry over to the mobile side – at all . The most popular Android  vendors such as  Samsung, Motorola , and HTC have pricing scales that are  nearly identical to the  pricing scale of the iPhone : $ 199 for the current  flagship model, $ 99 for mid range  model, and $ 0 ( with contract or upgrade eligibility) for a budget  model. So pricing isn  ’t a factor when  choosing your smartphone platform .  In an interesting twist,  Samsung is introducing the new Galaxy S4 at  $ 249 , which – for the moment at  least – means that the most popular Android phone is more expensive  than the most popular  iPhone .  Android hardware choice  Android phones come from a large  number of vendors, each designing their own hardware models , with  some of them offering dozens of Android phone models each . In  contrast , Apple offers a mere  three iPhone models . That would seem to  suggest that those who choose  Android do so because of the much wider variety of hardware designs  and spec combinations  available and the resulting greater choice . But as it  turns out Motorola ’s Android sales
are middling, and other Android vendors like HTC are selling so poorly  that they ’ re  nearly bankrupt . The vast  majority of Android phone sales  belong to one vendor,  Samsung . In  fact most of those sales are of one  specific model, the Galaxy S3 . In  other words , choice doesn ’ t really matter to most Android buyers, as  they nearly all tend to buy the same specific hardware model while mostly  ignoring the entire rest of the Android lineup.


3) Android popularity

Android is overwhelmingly popular , though overall sales and market  share numbers  worldwide are vastly  different depending on where you get  your data from . But the one we do know is that while all Android phones  combined might be outselling the
iPhone , none of those individual Android phones are #1 , or for that  matter #2 . According to Strategy Analytics, the iPhone 5 is currently  the top selling smartphone worldwide. In a distance second place is the  iPhone 4 S. Samsung ’ s Galaxy S3 is
in third place behind that, selling barely half as well as the iPhone 5 .  Other Android phones do occupy the next several slots down the list , but  Apple currently has the top two spots . Samsung expects to change  that with the Galaxy S4 launching  this quarter, and it may well get to the number one spot. But it’ll be  starting in third place . Android apps Not all “Android apps” will work  properly on your Android device .  Some mobile apps, particularly  graphically intense games, are  developed for current or  higher end  hardware. Buying that super cheap  Android phone might cost you when
you realize it lacks the horsepower to play your favorite game ( this is true  of all mobile and computing platforms in general ) . So if you plan  to put processor- intense  Android  apps to good use, it ’s wise to go with  an Android device with higher end
hardware specs. That usually means going with a name brand you know,  and skipping the free- with -contract models . 


 4) Who owns Android

The Android operating system, which is to say the basic background  software which  gives your phone its  on - screen interface and controls and  consistency, is owned and developed by Google. It’s licensed to hardware  vendors like Samsung who can make
certain changes to it and add on extra features if they like, but the  core of the operating system and user interface remains the same . That  means that an Android phone from
Vendor A is essentially the same core experience you ’ll get with an Android  phone from Vendor B. So when choosing a brand of Android phone,  you ’re choosing based on trust in that brand, quality of hardware build  and specs, and whatever feature  additions or modifications the vendor  may have made. The quality of the  Android  experience can vary from one  model or brand name to the next , but  it’ s still largely the same experience – making it somewhat analogous to  the fact that a Windows PC from Dell is mostly the same device as a  Windows PC from Hewlett Packard .

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